a biT aDviCe :p

Our wOrLd is diVerse and dyNamic.


SometimEs, the KnowLedGe we ThouGht to Be enOugH is stiLL tOo sMaLL

in ReLevaNce to Our deciSiOn makinG.

neVer sTop to diScOvEr anD aLwayS aPpreciaTe new ThinGs.


Our abiliTY to ThinK riGht coULd be NaRRoWed dowN by OuR sUddeN JudGemenT.

beFoRe dOinG somEthinG thaT cOuLd PossiBLy aFFecTs yOU aNd oTher PeoPLe,

aSK yOUrseLf fiRst–“is mY KNowLedgE enOUgh.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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