u cAn’T pLeaSe EvErybOdy

as MucH as you’D wanT to be Mr./Ms. coNgEniaLity and bE eVerybOdy’s FriEnd,
 you Can’t. suRe, You CaN eaRn Good Number of FriEnds, buT theRe wiLL aLways bE That
 somEonE whOm you’LL nOt abLe to minGLe witH. WeLL, if You’Re awaRe thaT sOmeOne
dOesn’T likE yOU, the Best yOu caN do is To sTaY away fRom thAt PeRsOn as MucH as PosiBLe
anD dOn’t minD it. JusT do Your oWn ThinG and JusT LiVe your owN liFe. as Long as yoU know in Your
HeaRt thaT yOu’Re noT stEppinG on aNyonE or You haven’t donE anYonE
wrOng, dOn’t minD thOse whO cRiticizE oR baCkStraB yoU. Paris HiLtOn had it riGht
wHen sHe said, ” If pepLe wanT to haTe You fOr no ReasON, Let tHem. becaUse theY aRe eitHer JeaLous,
InsecuRe, oR simPLy BITCHES.”

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