mY poRcUpinE

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at first, i was afraid to prove my feelings

i dont know what to do, but you kept my heart beatin’

comin here and to, roaming from there and to

every minute, every second, passionate as i’m with you

endless nights you’re with me, in my dreams…


i’ll always treasure those moments we had but…

love is what i feel for you?

or just infatuation—

incarnation of true beauty

inspired, i am

every time the clock ‘ticks’

when im without you, i feel lost.


you’ll always be in my mind even we’ve gone in separate ways…

over and over, i’ll tell you, until the end of time,

and someone have connived with the earth’s core,

i love you, my porcupine!


2 Tugon to “mY poRcUpinE”

  1. mang BADoy Says:

    napdaan lang hhehheh! nice post!

  2. haist,,
    I read this ka touch naman..
    sino aman kaya ung porcupine.. hehehhe

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