Are You An Ideal Friend?

Just like the sun, the moon and the stars up in the sky, friends also come and go. Now they are here, later they are not.

In life, we always go to our friends to chat, to drink and to have fun with. Sometimes, we resort to them more often than to our family. We seek from them pieces of advice, sometimes even with the most personal decisions we are about to make. In short, friends have become part of our lives already.

The sad truth about friendship is that – yes, it can make us laugh our hearts out, but it can also make our lives the most miserable it can get.

The downfall of any friendship is when it starts to blossom into something beyond the boundaries of friendship. More often than not, friends fall for each other and when that happens, they try to control each others’ lives.

In friendship, just being with them as time permits is already enough. But beyond friendship, they try to control their time just between them.

In friendship, just to receive a simple text from each other is enough. But when it is more than friendship, they try to be more expecting of constant communication with each other. As if one has the obligation to communicate to the other everything that is happening in his life.

In friendship, people take each other as they are. But beyond friendship, one tries to manipulate the other by making him another person.

In friendship, every mistake is forgiveable. But beyond friendship, even the smallest mistake appear to be irreconcilable.

And when things get worst, this is when friendship is replaced by hatred. So much hatred that your mind is already controlling your heart. That even if your heart is telling you that you love the person, your mind is telling you to make the person miserable.

And even if you know that you also get hurt everytime you make him miserable, you try to forget about the love, moreover, the friendship that started it all.

So how should we preserve the friendship?

Just accept the person as he is. Do not try to mold him into a person you want him to be. Communicate constantly – especially on important occasions. Find time to bond together – a cup of hot coffee or several bottles of beer would be a great way to update each other of what’s in and what’s out of each other’s life. Accept the reality that you are not his only friend, you have to understand that even before you came to his life, he already has friends around him. Do not expect that he could devote his full time to you. Ideally, a person’s lifetime should be divided into 4 – 25% for his personal life, 25% for his family, 25% for his career and 25% for his friends.

So, have you realized already the facts of friendship?


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