The Pain of Loving at the Right Time with the Wrong Person

Falling in love is one of the most magical feelings a person can experience. You would never know when it would strike you. You do not dictate the time when you will fall in love with a person.

I do not believe when people say that they fell in love at the wrong time. Everytime you feel falling in love with someone is the right time. The big question is – are you falling in love with the right person? Or are you letting the love you feel conquer who you really are?

Nothing is wrong with falling in love – that is, with the right person. Pain comes when you feel you love the wrong person. Wrong person maybe because of his civil status or because of gender issues.

You know you love the person because you make moves just to get the person’s attention. But you feel the pain everytime the person just smiles back at you without saying anything beacuse you expect to hear something.

You find joy and happiness everytime you are with the person. But there is pain when the person is texting someone else or telling stories of another person.

You feel fulfilled when you text the person with “Take care” and “I love you”. But there is pain when all the person can text back to you is “Thanks”.

You feel proud when you give-in to a “favor” asked by the person you love. But there is pain when you see that the person is giving-in to favors requested by someone else.

Worst of all, your eyes sparkle when you are in love with someone. But it hurts you the most when you know that the person only played with your feelings and never did he love you in return…


2 Tugon to “The Pain of Loving at the Right Time with the Wrong Person”

  1. If theres anything that I learned in my life, it’s the virtue of perseverance. I was so much like you before, I was very much in love with the idea of true love. But you have to know one thing, that love is earned. If you want the person to be yours, you have to fight for that person. kill if you must. =) you’re a very talented writer by the way..

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